Throgmorton - Bromley Comedy was founded by Mike, Cheryl & Ruth in 2004.

Having been big alternative comedy fans for eons, they frequented some of the early comedy venues, such as: the Tunnel Club ,Goldsmiths Tavern, The Albany the Aztec and many others in the search of good comedy.

As fans themselves they were often right there when some of the comedy greats broke through such as Jack Dee, Joe Brand, Vic Reeves and some of the more recent like Harry hill and Pub Landlord Al Murray...

When they moved to Bromley Mike & Cheryl were a little disappointed to see there was no comedy club nearby anymore. You had to commute all the way into town. Greewich probably the nearest. They spoke to one or two comedy promoters asking them to come to Bromley but nothing doing!

"We'd heard that there used to be a good one in Bromley called the Splat. But that finished couple of years ago. There was supposed to be one in the Bell but nothing anymore..."

The only way to Have Comedy in Bromley way was to put a show on themselves. SO THEY DID...

So they started looking round for a venue... And got in touch with some of their comedy contacts they'd made over the years.

After getting some initial interest from Churchill Theatre as a venue, nothing happenned. They then found a promising one in the Clink Bar. "It was a good venue, we had some great shows there. However, the venue manager there though made life so bloody awkward they just had to move. They moved to The UTD Services Club (lovely people) on London Rd and switched days from last season's Saturday to Every Friday this season.We now have a great bunch of regulars and have had some terrific shows already this year...

Long may the fun continue.

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