Some of the Great Shows wev'e had at The Bromley Comedy:

Sat Jan 15th (opening Night)
Closer Geoff Norcott....
Papa CJ middle spot.
Zoe Lyons......
Geoff Whiting......

Line up for Fri 21st Jan
Dougie Dunlop
Ian Stacey
Electric Forecast
MC Lateef Lovejoy

Line up for Sat 29th Jan 04 *****
Valentine Flyguy .....
Aaron Gallagher
Angie McEvoy
MC Robin Cousins..

Line up for Sat 5th Feb
Andrew Clover
Peter D
Andy Bone...
MC Geoff Whiting.

Line up for 12th Feb
Ronnie Golden
Michael Goward
Yianni Agisilaou...
MC Nic Coppin...

Line up for Sat 19th Feb (lights) *****
Ian stone
Dan Clarke..
Joy Carter
MC Rob Colins...

Sat 26th Feb
Al Francis-
Mr Cee
Nick Pettigrew-
MC-Electric Forecast

Sat 5th March
Ben Norris
Ayesha Hazarika
Wayne Howard
MC-Geoff Whiting

Line up for Friday 11th March (red nose day)
Norman Lovett.
Alex Horne.
Lee Bannard
MC-Nick Page....

This Saturday 12th March (red nose day after)
Pommy Johnson...
Matthew Crosby
Bari Martin
MC Danny James ...

Sat 19th March (1st Avenue) CHAV CENTRAL

2 week break 26th March 2nd April

Line up for 9th April

Line up for Sat 16th APRIL:
Martin Coyote
Dominic Frisby
WIill Goodhand
Glen Bo

NorSome of these acts were changed or replaced due to Film casting or other things but mostly as you see them
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