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Here, hopefully, we can answer your most frequently asked Questions.
Please feel free to email and ask stupid questions

What time do you open?
Doors open at 8.00 PM

What time does it start?
Acts are on stage at around 9.00PM (do arrive before)

How much is it?
Currently only £12.50 plus also FREE membership (condition of entry)

Is there a bar?
Of course there's a bl**dy bar! Comedy without Alcohol? are you mental - wine & beer aplenty

What time is the bar open to?
The bar is open till at least 11:00 and after then discretion of bar staff - closed during acts.

Do I need to get there early to get a good seat?
Yes! the good seats sometimes go very quickly! By about 8.30 - you may have to sit at the front!
but you may like sitting at the front - you mentalist (unless you have reserved your own table)

Can I reserve tickets?
Yes you can! Email the links on this site or call 0208 466 0558. Stating your name and the number of your party. Seating for 3 or less is on a 1st come 1st served basis and tickets are held till 15 minutes before sowtime

Can I reserve my own table?
If your party is more than 4 and you would like a table of your own, call the above number with card details against the reservation only, and then people pay on the night. No charge for this service!

Can I reserve seats or is it just tickets?
If your party is more than 3 you can book your own table sitting together (based on availability). Call Cheryl on 0208 466 0558

•If I reserve a table with my credit card and don't bother to show up will I be charged?
Yes... As we have to work to set tables accordingly.
It's only happened twice 1) a bunch of teachers - er it's their own money their wasting and a set of 'Rugger Buggers' stayed in the clubroom and got hammered

•Can I get group discount?
Generally not... as we had something set up but no one availed of it - but you can equire if theres rakes of you I'm sure we can agree something...

What time does the show finish?
Depending on sets The Comedy is timed to finish around 11.00 PM the bar is generally open for drinks after. If you need to pre order a Taxi order it for 11:15

How do I become a member / Do I have to become a member
Everybody who comes along must become a member. When you arrive you fill out a membership form and become a member. We can let you know when special guests like Micky Flannagan, Alan Carr, Reginald D. Hunter or other V special guests do pre tour previews... we can't publicise them but we can tell our members i.e. YOU. via email

Is there a disco/Drinks after?
At the moment we have late license till ... we play some nice music but it's not clear the tables and boogie round the handbags.

Is there Food available
At the moment we don't but there are some plans to! There are crisps, peanuts Pringles etc at the bar. Buffet can be brought in by arrangement.

Are there any rules of the club?
Yes . The rules are posted or ask a staff member.
And be aware you may be asked to leave without refund if you are spoken to but continue
Turn off your mobile phone during the show. On no account answer a call during the show!
No Flash photography during the acts
• No continually shouting out random nonsense, or talking to or interfering with the acts
No talking during the acts (like taking your own sandwiches to a restaurant or going to a brothel and having a W•••)
Enjoy yourself

Do we get food and drinks with it or is it just Comedy?
Yeah right! For £12 50 we can arrange a limo to and from your door Free Drinks all night for you and your mates and then...!! No it's just the comedy silly



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